Waterproofing & Water Recycling

Job: Skid Deterrent  Walk Way & Waterproofing within the Park of Pelambre  Product: Pavistone– aggregate bonding resin Impermax 2K– rapid cure waterproofing membrane Coverage: 10,00m² Overview: The Ministry of the Environment and Ministry of Planning & Infrastructure commissioned a project to develop a grand central Park within the City of Villaviciosa, encouraging environmentally friendly living. […]

Impermax Thermal – Barcelona Bull Ring

Job: Las Arenas Barcelona, formerly the Barcelona Bull Ring Waterproofing Solution: IMPERMAX THERMAL SYSTEM Complete BUR system for new and existing roofs Waterproofing and Insulation Coverage: Perimeter        300m Height             27m Diameter         85m     Barcelona Las Arena Barcelona is established internationally for its cultural architecture & historical values.  However this great city is also pushing […]

Colodur Eco Indoor Car Park System

Job: Indoor Car park Product: Colodur Eco Area: 21,000m2 Overview: Tecnoparc is the first specialist Health Technology & Nutrition centre in Spain. Located in the University city of Reus this polygon shaped new build required an economic smooth anti-slip coating system, with defined numbered car parking and marked disabled & pedestrian access areas. The Problem […]

25 year Thermal Roofing System

JOB:  WATERPROOFING FLAT ROOF Product: Built-up Thermal Roof- Impermax 25yr System Roof Area: 100m² Overview: In the tightly compact city of London The Hyde Chinese Church was suffering server water damage. The roof Structured required reinforcement and the entire roof was in desperate need of waterproofing. Solution: The roof was in poor condition and required […]

Shock Absorbent Flooring System

  Job: Nursery Floor   Surface Coverage: 300 m2  Products: PAVIFLEX SPORT system    Overview  New Pre-school nursery.  The architect needed a flooring solution to provide a safe comfortable floor.  The total area is 300m2 divided into different areas. The floor was not sufficient to provide the required shock absorbent features.  The solution  Krypton Chemicals proposed the PAVIFLEX SPORT […]


WATERPROOFING PODIUM DECKS & BALCONIES Product: Impermax 25 Year System +Resin Binded Aggregate Substrate: Built up system- Concrete- RIW Board- 2 x Ply Overview: Within Birmingham’s popular Jewellery quarter waterproofing reinforcement was required to support & strengthen podium walkways & balcony decks. Due to inadequate waterproofing built into the original surface system, water infiltration behind […]

Krypton Chemcials: Impermax 10 Year System

Project:               Flats- Flat Roof Roof Area:         360m² Substrate:          Insulation board and then Tongue & Groove Ply board Product:           Impermax Overview: The original roofing plan was to install a mineral felt based roofing system; with an estimated project timescale of 2-3 weeks and 4 operative’s onsite each day @ £500/day. The contractors required […]

Krypton Chemicals: Case Study

Project: Flat Roof Roof Area: 600m² Substrate: Bitumen Sanded Mineral Felt Product: Impermax Overview: Highland Council required  a local parish school roof to be waterproofed and protected. The school roof was coated in a thick layer of bitumen sanded felt. Due to the extreme weather systems in Northern Scotland and general roofing wear, the bitumen […]