Waterproofing & Water Recycling

Job: Skid Deterrent  Walk Way & Waterproofing within the Park of Pelambre 


  • Pavistone– aggregate bonding resin
  • Impermax 2K– rapid cure waterproofing membrane

Coverage: 10,00m²


The Ministry of the Environment and Ministry of Planning & Infrastructure commissioned a project to develop a grand central Park within the City of Villaviciosa, encouraging environmentally friendly living.

With a budget of €1.1million an extravagant landscape design was presented developing the ‘Park of Pelambre’

The design incorporated various themes including a grand central garden & pond inspired by the Ria of Villaviciosa & the Bay of Biscay, along with a children’s play area, relaxing walks & rest points.  Plus the park explored a variety of plant species including apple & chestnut trees, tropical plant species and native plant life.

Park Waterproofing:

Krypton Chemicals Spain proposed a waterproofing solution meeting the project requirements. The Impermax 2K 25year system secured the waterproofing.  Within this system Impermax 2K is hot spray applied through specialist spray projection machines. Allowing rapid installation Impermax 2K once sprayed upon the substrate cures within seconds, forming a continuous elastic membrane. It is then over coated  with  Impertrans 60 a single component  cold applied  protective  top coat which was pigmented  in various  tones of blue  to imitate the graduation of the depth within the  ocean.

Park Drainage/ Water Recycling  System:

Within the park a large pedestrian walkway system was designed which required full water drainage capabilities to prevent water settling & pooling on the surface of the pathway and enable rain water recycling.  Krypton Chemicals Spain proposed the UV stable ‘Pavidrain system’. Utilising a product called Pavistone it enabled a decorative & ornate pathway to be constructed through the combination of stones of different size & tone and Pavistone a resin bonding aggregate.

Pavistone is UV stable so will not yellow or taint the colour of the stone. Plus it holds a degree of elongation, allowing a graduation of movement to be absorbed from ground movement or load bearing pressure.


Krypton Chemicals secured these projects as they could offer long term solutions.  With the rapid application of Impermax 2K it enabled work to be completed on time within the 4 month schedule. The Pavidrain system encouraged an ecological/ environmental solution enabling water to be channelled away from the pedestrian walkway.

The completion of the Park of Pelambre improved the lifestyle of the local citizens, developing a safe, clean & family friendly park. Further boosting visitors to the city, contributing to the local tourist economy.

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