Shock Absorbent Flooring System

  Job: Nursery Floor 

 Surface Coverage: 300 m2

 Products: PAVIFLEX SPORT system  


 New Pre-school nursery.

 The architect needed a flooring solution to provide a safe comfortable floor.

 The total area is 300m2 divided into different areas. The floor was not sufficient to provide the required shock absorbent features.

 The solution

 Krypton Chemicals proposed the PAVIFLEX SPORT RAYSTON SYSTEM, a flexible shock and noise absorbent coating. First the substrate was primed with a 2 coat system using Epoxy 100,  the 1st coat was applied pure, and the 2nd coat sprinkled with quartz to aid anchorage of the  PU Rayston adhesive to the substrate ensuring strong adhesion to the rubber.

  The Rubber Mat  roll (8mm depth) was cut according to the perimeter, PU Rayston adhesive was then applied, ensuring suitable fixing level inputs and passages. Once adhesive was cured and the rubber mat was securely bonded to the substrate the top coat system was applied.

 Top coat system- Paviflex (3kg/m²) + thickening agent; coating & sealing the porosity of the rubber layer.

 Once the resin was fully cured, 2 layers of COLODUR ECO was applied- 24 hours later a layer of Rayston Wax was polished onto the top coat adding extra protection.


 The PAVIFLEX SPORT RAYSTON system offers an environmentally friendly shock absorbent, flexible and decorative flooring system.  Applications include: playgrounds, gymnasiums, hospitals, retirement homes, shopping areas, etc.

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