Krypton Chemicals: Case Study

Project: Flat Roof

Roof Area: 600m²

Substrate: Bitumen Sanded Mineral Felt

Product: Impermax


Highland Council required  a local parish school roof to be waterproofed and protected. The school roof was coated in a thick layer of bitumen sanded felt. Due to the extreme weather systems in Northern Scotland and general roofing wear, the bitumen felt surface began to degrade, developing cracks, blistering and large areas of stagnant water, causing mass areas of weak spots and leaking water through roof fixings. This significantly reduced the roof effectiveness and life expectancy.

Highland council wanted a rapid applied long-term cost effective waterproofing solution, which would not disturb school operations.


Krypton Chemicals UK proposed Impermax a cold-applied liquid polyurethane waterproofing resin.  To extend the schools roof life span the 25year Impermax waterproofing system was chosen, maximising the roofs performance over a longer period of time, supported by the ETA approval.

Due to the highly adhesive  nature of this polyurethane resin, it was not necessary to remove the bitumen sanded felt or increase additional roof support.  Impermax moulded to the couture shapes of the roof, covering cracks, sealing felt tears and water leaking weak spots.  Impermax offers  rapid cure times so the project was completed over a couple of days.

With the 25yr system the school roof is guaranteed to perform, withstanding abrasion resistance, adverse weather systems and heavy rain fall. The roof only requires minimal roof maintenance.

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