Krypton Chemcials: Impermax 10 Year System

Project:               Flats- Flat Roof

Roof Area:         360m²

Substrate:          Insulation board and then Tongue & Groove Ply board

Product:           Impermax


The original roofing plan was to install a mineral felt based roofing system; with an estimated project timescale of 2-3 weeks and 4 operative’s onsite each day @ £500/day.

The contractors required a long term sustainable waterproof roofing solution that would be durable, aesthetically pleasing but also offer rapid roofing installation, with low maintenance requirements enabling the flats to reach the market as quickly as possible.


Krypton Chemicals UK offered the 10 year Impermax roofing system.

Holding European Technical approval & BBA certification this liquid cold- applied polyurethane roofing solution proposed a cost effective waterproofing opportunity, within a time efficient schedule plus the added bonus of a 10 year guarantee.

Day 1 Installation:

Once the roof was cleared of contaminants and debris removed. The roof substrate was primed, with Humidity Primer and butyl adhesive tape attached to all joins and up-stands, protecting cracks and reinforcing roof weaknesses.  The first coat of Impermax was then successfully installed at a rate of 1Kg/m².  

Day 2 Installation & Project completion:

With the first coat of Impermax cured over night the second, final top coat was applied at a rate of 1Kg/m². The 10 year Impermax waterproofing system was then fully installed, creating a seamless waterproof layer.

Total Project completion timescale – 2 days

The project director commented that the 10 year roofing system was easy to install reducing the roofing installation timescale dramatically, as well as cost effective, saving approximately £4000 in labour costs.

In Summary:

The Krypton Roofing Strategy achieved:

  • A Modern Aesthetic appearance
  • Long-term durability
  • Seamless coverage
  • Low maintenance
  • Cost & Time efficient
  • 10 year Guarantee

The contractors now plan to use Krypton Chemicals waterproofing solutions throughout the project, coating all balconies with our long lasting anti-slip surface coatings.

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