Impermax Thermal – Barcelona Bull Ring

Job: Las Arenas Barcelona, formerly the Barcelona Bull Ring

Waterproofing Solution: IMPERMAX THERMAL SYSTEM Complete BUR system for new and existing roofs

Waterproofing and Insulation


Perimeter        300m

Height             27m

Diameter         85m  


Barcelona Las Arena

Barcelona is established internationally for its cultural architecture & historical values.  However this great city is also pushing the architectural boundaries of innovation, aiming to combine both technological new build & refurbishments with its strong historical roots.  Las Arenas also known as the Barcelona Bull Ring is the perfect amalgamation.


The disused arena (since 1989) no longer served its purpose within this ever expanding city but its symbolic value was cherished by the citizens. A preservation project was commissioned. Although a highly technical construction due to the physical deterioration, it was deemed essential as the building had grown to become a point of reference within the region, and its location meant it was the first symbolic building tourists & visitors would see when arriving into the city of Barcelona.


 The Project Design

The Immense central space will serve as a grand reception hall surrounded by designer shops, top class restaurants, cocktail bars as well as other leisure activities.  The roof forms one of the largest domes in Europe. With a 300lm parameter walk way around the roof, it will serve as a breath taking view point across Barcelona.

Sustainability was the focus of this complex construction with the dome structure made from prefabricated wood. Krypton Chemicals secured the waterproofing within this project with the Impermax Thermal System, a thermal BUR further increasing energy efficiency of the roof.  Plus due to the smooth design of the dome the liquid polyurethane glided over the dome forming a seamless, homogeneous waterproofing membrane, pigmented to aesthetically look like a sand finish.


Krypton Chemicals Spain utilised the Impermax Thermal system as it enhanced the sustainable, environmental & economically properties within this construction. Improving the insulation capacity of the roof, thus achieving the desired U-Value, meeting the regulations of the CHH.

Krypton Chemicals offers waterproofing solutions approved through the ETA & BBA, which can be customised to specific project roof requirements.




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