Colodur Eco Indoor Car Park System

Job: Indoor Car park

Product: Colodur Eco

Area: 21,000m2


Tecnoparc is the first specialist Health Technology & Nutrition centre in Spain. Located in the University city of Reus this polygon shaped new build required an economic smooth anti-slip coating system, with defined numbered car parking and marked disabled & pedestrian access areas.

The Problem

The site had a few problematic issues, as the substrate held high levels of humidity caused by heavy rain during the construction; it was also in a poor condition due to step machinery. Therefore to ensure a durable coating system Krypton Chemicals proposed a flooring system which could withstand a high level of abrasion resistance.


The Solution

Krypton Chemical SL proposed a solvent- free floor paint, suiting the low levels of ventilation within this underground parking. After surface preparation, the Humidity Primer was applied, at 0.2kg/m², 20% diluted with water to promote substrate penetration, sealing the porous substrate before applying the coloured floor paint. Once the primer had cured the floor paint was applied. Colodur Eco Matt pigmented to Ral 7038 Grey was chosen  a water-based polyurethane resin that does not yellow, the matt finish increases friction for the anti-slip finish.

The second topcoat of Colodur Eco Matt non-pigmented was applied with an airless machine to compensate for the different matt tones, due to the irregular absorption of the substrate.


Krypton used its wide range of water based  non solvent polyurethane products, to tackle a complex project, providing a high quality flooring system that is easy to maintain.

Krypton Chemicals has developed a new range of SOLVENT-FREE products. Colodur Eco offers high resistance to abrasion & wear, proposing a durable long-term flooring system.


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