Arbour Hill Prison Roof


Roof Waterproofing with skid deterrent path way.

System: Impermax Armour

Coverage 650m²


Arbour Hill Prison is a closed medium security prison located in the centre of Dublin, Ireland. It has a capacity of 148 and is largely made up of long term sentenced prisoners. The prison is operated by the Irish Prison Service.

The problem

The guarantee on the client’s current waterproofing system was coming to an end and there were signs of water ingress in the building below. A new wateproofing system was required that could be cold applied in order to minimise health and safety risks.


The PVC substrate was cleaned and re-activated using a primer. Impermax Quick-cure base coat embedded with 225gsm fibreglass matting was applied with a typical curing time of 3 hours followed by a top coat in dark grey. The maintenance pathway was defined using a second layer of skid deterrent Impermax embedded with black quartz. A protective top coat of Colodur was applied to provide a fully reinforced maintenance route with the whole system guaranteed to last for 25 years.


Krypton Chemicals’ cold applied, low impact system eliminates the need for any heat or naked flame on the roof, minimising health and safety risks. Impermax Armour ensures long term, cost effective performance and provides an aesthetically pleasing and seamless finish.

The system was guaranteed for 25 years through the ETA & BBA certificates.

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