Product: Impermax 25 Year System +Resin Binded Aggregate

Substrate: Built up system- Concrete- RIW Board- 2 x Ply


Within Birmingham’s popular Jewellery quarter waterproofing reinforcement was required to support & strengthen podium walkways & balcony decks. Due to inadequate waterproofing built into the original surface system, water infiltration behind the ‘curtain wall’ of the podiums & behind the balcony tiles was becoming an increasing issue. With water leaking into the building, the impact to the durability of the walkways created a hazard both to the pedestrian route & building.

A long-term, cost effective solution, with a high anti-slip grip surface was required.


Krypton Chemicals UK proposed a reinforced 25 year waterproofing system. Due to the high pedestrian traffic & severe water infiltration Krypton Chemicals UK worked closely together with the project architects & approved contractors designing a specific ‘Tanking’ built-up system tailored to meet the required waterproofing standards.

Due to the adverse water leakage on the originally installed system the balcony tiles had to be removed back to the concrete substrate. A 25 year Impermax built up waterproofing system was then installed with reinforced RIW board & 150g Fibre glass matting.

Plus with the top coat of  a resin binding aggregate the substrates are guaranteed to withstand high impact pedestrian traffic, maximising the substrates long-term performance to abrasion resistance and variable weather systems. Also providing the anti-slip top coat required to aid pedestrian traffic grip surface friction.

In Summary:

The Krypton Waterproofing Strategy achieved:

  • Long-term performance
  • Seamless Anti-slip coverage
  • Low maintenance
  • Cost & Time efficient
  • 25 year Guarantee

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