Arbour Hill Prison Roof


Roof Waterproofing with skid deterrent path way.

System: Impermax Armour

Coverage 650m²


Arbour Hill Prison is a closed medium security prison located in the centre of Dublin, Ireland. It has a capacity of 148 and is largely made up of long term sentenced prisoners. The prison is operated by the Irish Prison Service.

The problem

The guarantee on the client’s current waterproofing system was coming to an end and there were signs of water ingress in the building below. A new wateproofing system was required that could be cold applied in order to minimise health and safety risks.


The PVC substrate was cleaned and re-activated using a primer. Impermax Quick-cure base coat embedded with 225gsm fibreglass matting was applied with a typical curing time of 3 hours followed by a top coat in dark grey. The maintenance pathway was defined using a second layer of skid deterrent Impermax embedded with black quartz. A protective top coat of Colodur was applied to provide a fully reinforced maintenance route with the whole system guaranteed to last for 25 years.


Krypton Chemicals’ cold applied, low impact system eliminates the need for any heat or naked flame on the roof, minimising health and safety risks. Impermax Armour ensures long term, cost effective performance and provides an aesthetically pleasing and seamless finish.

The system was guaranteed for 25 years through the ETA & BBA certificates.

Waterproofing & Water Recycling

Job: Skid Deterrent  Walk Way & Waterproofing within the Park of Pelambre 


  • Pavistone– aggregate bonding resin
  • Impermax 2K– rapid cure waterproofing membrane

Coverage: 10,00m²


The Ministry of the Environment and Ministry of Planning & Infrastructure commissioned a project to develop a grand central Park within the City of Villaviciosa, encouraging environmentally friendly living.

With a budget of €1.1million an extravagant landscape design was presented developing the ‘Park of Pelambre’

The design incorporated various themes including a grand central garden & pond inspired by the Ria of Villaviciosa & the Bay of Biscay, along with a children’s play area, relaxing walks & rest points.  Plus the park explored a variety of plant species including apple & chestnut trees, tropical plant species and native plant life.

Park Waterproofing:

Krypton Chemicals Spain proposed a waterproofing solution meeting the project requirements. The Impermax 2K 25year system secured the waterproofing.  Within this system Impermax 2K is hot spray applied through specialist spray projection machines. Allowing rapid installation Impermax 2K once sprayed upon the substrate cures within seconds, forming a continuous elastic membrane. It is then over coated  with  Impertrans 60 a single component  cold applied  protective  top coat which was pigmented  in various  tones of blue  to imitate the graduation of the depth within the  ocean.

Park Drainage/ Water Recycling  System:

Within the park a large pedestrian walkway system was designed which required full water drainage capabilities to prevent water settling & pooling on the surface of the pathway and enable rain water recycling.  Krypton Chemicals Spain proposed the UV stable ‘Pavidrain system’. Utilising a product called Pavistone it enabled a decorative & ornate pathway to be constructed through the combination of stones of different size & tone and Pavistone a resin bonding aggregate.

Pavistone is UV stable so will not yellow or taint the colour of the stone. Plus it holds a degree of elongation, allowing a graduation of movement to be absorbed from ground movement or load bearing pressure.


Krypton Chemicals secured these projects as they could offer long term solutions.  With the rapid application of Impermax 2K it enabled work to be completed on time within the 4 month schedule. The Pavidrain system encouraged an ecological/ environmental solution enabling water to be channelled away from the pedestrian walkway.

The completion of the Park of Pelambre improved the lifestyle of the local citizens, developing a safe, clean & family friendly park. Further boosting visitors to the city, contributing to the local tourist economy.

Impermax Thermal – Barcelona Bull Ring

Job: Las Arenas Barcelona, formerly the Barcelona Bull Ring

Waterproofing Solution: IMPERMAX THERMAL SYSTEM Complete BUR system for new and existing roofs

Waterproofing and Insulation


Perimeter        300m

Height             27m

Diameter         85m  


Barcelona Las Arena

Barcelona is established internationally for its cultural architecture & historical values.  However this great city is also pushing the architectural boundaries of innovation, aiming to combine both technological new build & refurbishments with its strong historical roots.  Las Arenas also known as the Barcelona Bull Ring is the perfect amalgamation.


The disused arena (since 1989) no longer served its purpose within this ever expanding city but its symbolic value was cherished by the citizens. A preservation project was commissioned. Although a highly technical construction due to the physical deterioration, it was deemed essential as the building had grown to become a point of reference within the region, and its location meant it was the first symbolic building tourists & visitors would see when arriving into the city of Barcelona.


 The Project Design

The Immense central space will serve as a grand reception hall surrounded by designer shops, top class restaurants, cocktail bars as well as other leisure activities.  The roof forms one of the largest domes in Europe. With a 300lm parameter walk way around the roof, it will serve as a breath taking view point across Barcelona.

Sustainability was the focus of this complex construction with the dome structure made from prefabricated wood. Krypton Chemicals secured the waterproofing within this project with the Impermax Thermal System, a thermal BUR further increasing energy efficiency of the roof.  Plus due to the smooth design of the dome the liquid polyurethane glided over the dome forming a seamless, homogeneous waterproofing membrane, pigmented to aesthetically look like a sand finish.


Krypton Chemicals Spain utilised the Impermax Thermal system as it enhanced the sustainable, environmental & economically properties within this construction. Improving the insulation capacity of the roof, thus achieving the desired U-Value, meeting the regulations of the CHH.

Krypton Chemicals offers waterproofing solutions approved through the ETA & BBA, which can be customised to specific project roof requirements.




Colodur Eco Indoor Car Park System

Job: Indoor Car park

Product: Colodur Eco

Area: 21,000m2


Tecnoparc is the first specialist Health Technology & Nutrition centre in Spain. Located in the University city of Reus this polygon shaped new build required an economic smooth anti-slip coating system, with defined numbered car parking and marked disabled & pedestrian access areas.

The Problem

The site had a few problematic issues, as the substrate held high levels of humidity caused by heavy rain during the construction; it was also in a poor condition due to step machinery. Therefore to ensure a durable coating system Krypton Chemicals proposed a flooring system which could withstand a high level of abrasion resistance.


The Solution

Krypton Chemical SL proposed a solvent- free floor paint, suiting the low levels of ventilation within this underground parking. After surface preparation, the Humidity Primer was applied, at 0.2kg/m², 20% diluted with water to promote substrate penetration, sealing the porous substrate before applying the coloured floor paint. Once the primer had cured the floor paint was applied. Colodur Eco Matt pigmented to Ral 7038 Grey was chosen  a water-based polyurethane resin that does not yellow, the matt finish increases friction for the anti-slip finish.

The second topcoat of Colodur Eco Matt non-pigmented was applied with an airless machine to compensate for the different matt tones, due to the irregular absorption of the substrate.


Krypton used its wide range of water based  non solvent polyurethane products, to tackle a complex project, providing a high quality flooring system that is easy to maintain.

Krypton Chemicals has developed a new range of SOLVENT-FREE products. Colodur Eco offers high resistance to abrasion & wear, proposing a durable long-term flooring system.


25 year Thermal Roofing System


Product: Built-up Thermal Roof- Impermax 25yr System

Roof Area: 100m²


In the tightly compact city of London The Hyde Chinese Church was suffering server water damage. The roof Structured required reinforcement and the entire roof was in desperate need of waterproofing.


The roof was in poor condition and required thorough substrate preparation.  Once completed Krypton Chemicals approved contractor applied a 25 year Impermax waterproofing system over fully installed insulation PIR Board.  Providing a complete thermal roof system, flexible to the structural movements, holding a 25 year guarantee.

Primer & waterproofing polyurethane resin Impermax were intermixed with the product accelerants, which reduced curing times and enabled the contactors to complete the entire thermal built-up system within a matter of days.

Timing was crucial within this project as the contractors were battling against one of the harshest winters, with heavy snow and temperatures dropping below -10ºC.

However Krypton Chemicals secured the product to site without delivery delays, the contractors successfully applied the fully installed thermal system just in time for Christmas.

In Summary:

The Krypton Thermal Roofing Strategy achieved:

  • Long-term Waterproofing Performance- Holding a 25 year guarantee.
  • Seamless Coverage system with added Thermal Protection.
  • Cost & Time Efficient

Shock Absorbent Flooring System

  Job: Nursery Floor 

 Surface Coverage: 300 m2

 Products: PAVIFLEX SPORT system  


 New Pre-school nursery.

 The architect needed a flooring solution to provide a safe comfortable floor.

 The total area is 300m2 divided into different areas. The floor was not sufficient to provide the required shock absorbent features.

 The solution

 Krypton Chemicals proposed the PAVIFLEX SPORT RAYSTON SYSTEM, a flexible shock and noise absorbent coating. First the substrate was primed with a 2 coat system using Epoxy 100,  the 1st coat was applied pure, and the 2nd coat sprinkled with quartz to aid anchorage of the  PU Rayston adhesive to the substrate ensuring strong adhesion to the rubber.

  The Rubber Mat  roll (8mm depth) was cut according to the perimeter, PU Rayston adhesive was then applied, ensuring suitable fixing level inputs and passages. Once adhesive was cured and the rubber mat was securely bonded to the substrate the top coat system was applied.

 Top coat system- Paviflex (3kg/m²) + thickening agent; coating & sealing the porosity of the rubber layer.

 Once the resin was fully cured, 2 layers of COLODUR ECO was applied- 24 hours later a layer of Rayston Wax was polished onto the top coat adding extra protection.


 The PAVIFLEX SPORT RAYSTON system offers an environmentally friendly shock absorbent, flexible and decorative flooring system.  Applications include: playgrounds, gymnasiums, hospitals, retirement homes, shopping areas, etc.



Product: Impermax 25 Year System +Resin Binded Aggregate

Substrate: Built up system- Concrete- RIW Board- 2 x Ply


Within Birmingham’s popular Jewellery quarter waterproofing reinforcement was required to support & strengthen podium walkways & balcony decks. Due to inadequate waterproofing built into the original surface system, water infiltration behind the ‘curtain wall’ of the podiums & behind the balcony tiles was becoming an increasing issue. With water leaking into the building, the impact to the durability of the walkways created a hazard both to the pedestrian route & building.

A long-term, cost effective solution, with a high anti-slip grip surface was required.


Krypton Chemicals UK proposed a reinforced 25 year waterproofing system. Due to the high pedestrian traffic & severe water infiltration Krypton Chemicals UK worked closely together with the project architects & approved contractors designing a specific ‘Tanking’ built-up system tailored to meet the required waterproofing standards.

Due to the adverse water leakage on the originally installed system the balcony tiles had to be removed back to the concrete substrate. A 25 year Impermax built up waterproofing system was then installed with reinforced RIW board & 150g Fibre glass matting.

Plus with the top coat of  a resin binding aggregate the substrates are guaranteed to withstand high impact pedestrian traffic, maximising the substrates long-term performance to abrasion resistance and variable weather systems. Also providing the anti-slip top coat required to aid pedestrian traffic grip surface friction.

In Summary:

The Krypton Waterproofing Strategy achieved:

  • Long-term performance
  • Seamless Anti-slip coverage
  • Low maintenance
  • Cost & Time efficient
  • 25 year Guarantee

Krypton Chemcials: Impermax 10 Year System

Project:               Flats- Flat Roof

Roof Area:         360m²

Substrate:          Insulation board and then Tongue & Groove Ply board

Product:           Impermax


The original roofing plan was to install a mineral felt based roofing system; with an estimated project timescale of 2-3 weeks and 4 operative’s onsite each day @ £500/day.

The contractors required a long term sustainable waterproof roofing solution that would be durable, aesthetically pleasing but also offer rapid roofing installation, with low maintenance requirements enabling the flats to reach the market as quickly as possible.


Krypton Chemicals UK offered the 10 year Impermax roofing system.

Holding European Technical approval & BBA certification this liquid cold- applied polyurethane roofing solution proposed a cost effective waterproofing opportunity, within a time efficient schedule plus the added bonus of a 10 year guarantee.

Day 1 Installation:

Once the roof was cleared of contaminants and debris removed. The roof substrate was primed, with Humidity Primer and butyl adhesive tape attached to all joins and up-stands, protecting cracks and reinforcing roof weaknesses.  The first coat of Impermax was then successfully installed at a rate of 1Kg/m².  

Day 2 Installation & Project completion:

With the first coat of Impermax cured over night the second, final top coat was applied at a rate of 1Kg/m². The 10 year Impermax waterproofing system was then fully installed, creating a seamless waterproof layer.

Total Project completion timescale – 2 days

The project director commented that the 10 year roofing system was easy to install reducing the roofing installation timescale dramatically, as well as cost effective, saving approximately £4000 in labour costs.

In Summary:

The Krypton Roofing Strategy achieved:

  • A Modern Aesthetic appearance
  • Long-term durability
  • Seamless coverage
  • Low maintenance
  • Cost & Time efficient
  • 10 year Guarantee

The contractors now plan to use Krypton Chemicals waterproofing solutions throughout the project, coating all balconies with our long lasting anti-slip surface coatings.

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Krypton Chemicals: Case Study

Project: Flat Roof

Roof Area: 600m²

Substrate: Bitumen Sanded Mineral Felt

Product: Impermax


Highland Council required  a local parish school roof to be waterproofed and protected. The school roof was coated in a thick layer of bitumen sanded felt. Due to the extreme weather systems in Northern Scotland and general roofing wear, the bitumen felt surface began to degrade, developing cracks, blistering and large areas of stagnant water, causing mass areas of weak spots and leaking water through roof fixings. This significantly reduced the roof effectiveness and life expectancy.

Highland council wanted a rapid applied long-term cost effective waterproofing solution, which would not disturb school operations.


Krypton Chemicals UK proposed Impermax a cold-applied liquid polyurethane waterproofing resin.  To extend the schools roof life span the 25year Impermax waterproofing system was chosen, maximising the roofs performance over a longer period of time, supported by the ETA approval.

Due to the highly adhesive  nature of this polyurethane resin, it was not necessary to remove the bitumen sanded felt or increase additional roof support.  Impermax moulded to the couture shapes of the roof, covering cracks, sealing felt tears and water leaking weak spots.  Impermax offers  rapid cure times so the project was completed over a couple of days.

With the 25yr system the school roof is guaranteed to perform, withstanding abrasion resistance, adverse weather systems and heavy rain fall. The roof only requires minimal roof maintenance.

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