Impermax Specialist Hot Spray System

Krypton Chemicals have developed a specialist, high performance hot applied waterproof membrane based on advanced polymeric materials. The membrane is a two component spray applied elastomeric polyurethane designed to bridge cracks and weak points in a substrate without the need for reinforcement. Compatible with almost all substrates and capable of being applied easily around complex details, Krypton Chemicals Impermax 2K is an ideal solution as an alternative to the cold applied liquids.

Impermax 2K

System Benefits

  • Impermax 2K membrane cures in < 60 seconds making application extremely quick
  • Membrane thickness is built up in one single coat due to its high build capability
  • Unlike traditional liquid systems, there is no need for any reinforcement to be incorporated between layers
  • 25 Year ETA durability certificates
  • Completely seamless waterproof membrane
  • Compatible with built up and inverted systems
  • Excellent abrasion and puncture resistance
  • UV protection coat provides a 100% UV stable and aesthetic top coat
  • Walkways and skid deterrent systems are optional

Download System Data sheet